Wraps and Baguettes

(Served with chips and salad)

Halloumi WrapGrilled cheese, With roast peppers/ olives/wild rocket salad £ 7.00

Soujok WrapSpicy and grilled beef sausage, With tzatziki/tomato/salad £ 7.50

Falafel WrapChickpeas, Cpice, Crisp, With tabuleh and hummus £ 7.00

Halloumi and FalafelFalafel, Halloumi, With tabuleh and hummus £ 8.50

Chicken WrapGrilled chicken, Hummus, Roast vegetables £ 7.50

Kofta WrapMinced lamb, Onion, Pickles, Spicy crush, Tomato £ 7.50

Duck WrapCucumber, Roasted and crispy duck wrapped in thin bread, Special sauce, Spring onions £ 7.50

Hummus and Roast Veg WrapAubergine, Courgette, Hummus, Onion, Peppers wrapped in thin bread £ 7.00

Meatball-Melt BaguetteCheddar cheese, Jalapeno, Minced lamb £ 7.00

Halloumi BaguetteChunky cheese, Grilled, Roast vegetables £ 6.50

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