(LARGE salads served with bread)

Vegan Salad £8.95

Chicken SaladCherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Grilled chicken, Lettuce £ 8.00

Tuna SaladCherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Herbs, Leafy vegetables, Lemon juice, Olive oil, Red onion, Sweet corn, Tuna £ 7.00

Halloumi SaladCherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Grilled goat cheese, Herbs, Leafy vegetables, Lemon juice, Olive, Olive oil, Pepper £ 7.50

Chicken & Halloumi SaladCherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Goat cheese, Grilled chicken, Halloumi, Home-mode sauce, Leafy vegetables, Olive, Pepper £ 9.00

Greek SaladCherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Feta cheese, Green peppers, Leafy vegetables, Olive, Olive oil, Red onion, Red wine vinegar £ 7.00

Calamari SaladCalamari, Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber, Lemon, Lettuce, Mixture of leafy vegetables, Olive oil, Pepper £ 8.50

Sadono Poached Egg SaladAsparagus, Avocado, Baby spinach, Green beans, Two poached eggs £ 7.50

Crispy Bacon SaladAsparagus, Beetroot, Cherry tomatoes, Crispy bacon, Mixed salad leaves, Rockets £ 7.00

Goat Cheese SaladAsparagus, Cherry tomatoes, Goat cheese, Mixed salad leaves, Sesames seeds, Walnut £ 8.50

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