Home Burgers

(All home-made burgers served with chips and salad garnish)

Burger ala NeneGherkin, Grilled halloumi cheese, Onion, Peppery beef salami, Tomato, Well-seasoned mince beef £ 10.95

Beef BurgerGherkin, Onion, Tomato, Well-seasoned mince beef £ 8.95

Lamb BurgerGherkin, Minced lamb, Onion, Tomato £ 8.45

Mexican Chili BurgerJalapeno, Mexican spicy cheese, Onion, Tomato, Well-seasoned mince beef £ 9.45

Chicken BurgerChicken breast, Gherkin, Herbs, Onion, Tomato £ 7.95

Fish BurgerHaddock fillet, Lettuce, Tartar sauce £ 7.95

Falafel BurgerCrisp, Hummus, Salsa sauce, Spice falafel, Tabbouleh £ 7.95

Add £1 for extra bacon

Add £1 for extra cheese

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